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School Council 2019-20

In October 2019 all pupils in years 1 to 6 had the opportunity to complete and submit a School Council Manifesto, detailing why they would make a great School Councillor to represent their peers. We received so many fantastic entries! During school assemblies the pupils had the opportunity to present themselves and their Manifesto to their peers, after which all pupils voted for who they would like to be the Councillor to represent their year group. The votes were counted by Mrs Hockney, who leads the School Council at Greenhill, and the successful candidates were announced at the start of Autumn Half Term 2.


Well done to all pupils who submitted a Manifesto, everyone showed outstanding Greenhill Leaner Values including; determinationenthusiasm, independence  and resilience!


The School Councillors for 2019-20 are wearing their badges with pride, making them identifiable to all pupils. There is also a School Council board in the Main Foyer, displaying their photographs so all pupils know who they can talk to if they have anything they would like the School Council to discuss. Pupils can also post suggestions, topics and ideas for the School Council in the Suggestion Box, ensuring that every pupil at Greenhill has a voice.


As a Healthy Minds school, the School Council will focus on the roll of Healthy Minds Champions by establishing and introducing ways that Greenhill Primary can support pupil wellbeing. The school council have already helped Mrs Hockney implement 'Calm Corners' in all classrooms, which are proving really successful with our pupils.


We cannot wait to hear about other School Council news and initiatives as the academic year progresses!!!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we have a School Council?

Greenhill Primary has a School Council to ensure that there is a Forum to listen to and share the thoughts and ideas of pupils across the school. It is only fair that all pupils have a voice to express their thoughts about school life and how it could be improved for them. 

How many Councillors are there?

Each year group elected 2 School Councils, creating 12 Councillors in total.

How were the School Councillors elected?

All pupils in years 1 to 6 had the chance to nominate themselves for the role, by completing a Manifesto. It is then a pupil democracy; where the Councillors were elected by receiving the highest amount of votes from their peers. 

How did the pupils vote?

Each pupil in years 1 to 6 received a voting slip from their class teacher. The children independently completed their voting slips and posted them into a sealed box. The boxes were then taken by Mrs Hockney to be counted and verified.

What makes a great School Councillor?

Many of our Greenhill Learner Values make fantastic attributes for a School Councillor, including;

  • Be resourceful; have good problem solving skills.
  • Be reflective.
  • Be independent; try to have confident speaking skills and excellent listening skills.
  • Be collaborative; enjoy teamwork.
  • Be aspirational; have an open mind to new ideas.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be determined; work hard to get things done.


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